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WaterTite Roofing of North Florida offers complete commercial roofing services in the St. Augustine, Palm Coast, and Ponte Vedra areas.

New Roofs/Reroofs

Replacing an entire roofing system on a commercial building or structure is a big step. It gives you a chance to choose a roofing type and material that would best suit your current and long-term budget. Many business owners are surprised to learn that there is such a large variety of roofing types. Don’t feel obligated to stick to the same old roofing material when there may be better options available.

Roof Repairs

Even the best of roofing systems eventually need repairs. Repairs are an ideal alternative to recovering or even replacing an entire roof. For repairs to be effective, you want a roof that still has good insulation and has a membrane that is in decent shape. The cost and time frame for the repairs will depend greatly on the size of the damaged area, the type of damage, and the type of roof itself. Contact WaterTite – a highly rated commercial roofing company as well as commercial roofing contractors by many clients in the St. Augustine, Palm Coast, and Ponte Vedra areas now to schedule a free estimate.

General Maintenance

Every roof requires ongoing maintenance. This usually includes cleaning the roof and the gutters periodically. It may also include repairs, such as replacing a shingle or patching. You may need to replace vents, add flashing, or caulk pipe jacks. All of these falls under the category of maintenance services and WaterTite offers regularly scheduled maintenance.

While providing minimal impact on your daily tasks, following to the highest safety standards in the industry, and providing excellent workmanship, WaterTite Roofing of North Orlando is your roofer of choice for commercial roof replacement, roof repairs, and restoration. Call us at 904.217.4233 or contact us online for a free estimate!

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